Additional Services

You know what they say…time is money! We know how busy life can be, and we want to make it easier at every turn. We like to say that we know what our members need, sometimes even before they do. To help you save time, below you’ll find a list of in-branch services that we know won’t cross your mind until you need them!


Sending funds to pay a bill or make a purchase? We offer Money Orders for the low price of $1.50 as another way for you to securely send money!


Forgot the stamp to pay a bill or send a card? We have those too! You can purchase your stamps right at IECU for the same price as the US Post Office. How’s that for one-stop shopping?!


You never think about a Notary until you need one – when it’s vitally important! We’ve all been there…sometimes you never know when you’ll need a Notary stamp on a document. IECU has Notaries on staff at both offices for making those special documents official! Just stop on it and we’ll take care of the rest- no appointment necessary and it’s FREE!


Birthdays, holidays, graduations, wedding days…no matter what occasion, IECU offers pre-paid Visa gift cards for every need!  You’ll never have to worry about sending cash or a check in the mail again. Visa gift cards are accepted anywhere that accepts card payments and unlike cash, can be replaced if lost or stolen. You decide how much to give, and your recipient gets the freedom to spend however they wish! Eliminate the stress over sizes or colors- a gift card is the perfect fit for everyone!

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