Fraud Protection

cyberscout logoLet’s face it.  Identity theft is everywhere and is unfortunately becoming an everyday part of our lives.  In fact, it’s the #1 consumer complaint according to the Federal Trade Commission. Fortunately,  you can rest easy knowing that IECU has a product that helps keep both your credit and identity SAFE! Our security partners,  Cyber Scout®, consistently keep an eye on your information even when you can’t!  Cyber Scout® will watch for updates to your credit and will make sure that if there is a change, you know about it with their 24/7 full resolution support!  They keep an eye on all 3 major credit bureau’s so you can relax while Cyber Scout® does all the heavy lifting!  Find out more about package features below! PS: Since IECU is all about saving you money, we even scored you a discount!

Plans & Pricing:

Honor Roll Plan-Click to Enroll!
• Single Bureau Credit Report & Score (TransUnion)
• Daily Monitoring with Alerts covering Single Credit Bureau

Special IECU Member Pricing: $7.99/mo. Or $88.00/yr. SAVE $7.88

Dean’s List Plan-Click to Enroll!
• Triple Bureau Credit Report & Score (TransUnion, Experian, Equifax)
• Daily Monitoring with Alerts covering all Three Bureaus
• Change of Address Report & Monitoring
• Social Security Trace Report & Monitoring
• Court Records Report & Monitoring
• Identity Theft Reimbursement Insurance

Special IECU Member Pricing: $11.99/mo. Or $120.00/yr. SAVE $23.88


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