IECU Education Grants

IECU Education Grant: Inspire, Educate, Create, Understand

NEW IN 2017:  We are pleased to announce that the IECU Education Grant (formerly known as the John Lowe Education Grant) will increase to a total of $12,000! 

IECU offers a total of $12,000 of grant awards each school year, each worth up to $1,000.  Three grants per quarter or a total of $3,000 shall be awarded.  Learn more below!

  1.  The IECU Education Grant (formerly known as the John Lowe Education Grant) was established by Illinois Educators Credit Union and is open to all school staff within the direct field of membership of the Credit Union. This grant has been put into place to help make education brighter for everyone and embodies the four principles that are essential to our members: Inspiring, Educating, Creating and Understanding.
  1. Grant applications must be filled out in their entirety.  If an application is not fully completed it will be disqualified.  If an applicant is not at first successful, we invite that employee to resubmit the application for the following quarter.  Illinois Educators Credit Union does not keep the applications on file; therefore the school employee is responsible for the re-submission of the application.
  1. Grant Applications may be submitted by mail, by fax, or in person with attention to the Marketing Coordinator.  Due dates are listed below and are also shown on the IECU Education Grant Application.
  1. Recipients of the IECU Education Grant and the respective school principal will receive notification via mail no later than the date specified on the application form.
  1. Illinois Educators Credit Union administration and staff may deliver the grant proceeds to the respective winners at their school.  A photo of the Principal, Teacher, and Administrative Staff member may be taken and used on the IECU Facebook page, website, newsletter and all other applicable media.  If the grant is not delivered in person, the proceeds will be sent by U.S. Mail.
  1. IECU requests that pictures be taken of the project for which the grant money was used.  The pictures will in no way be publicized; however, they are needed for auditing purposes.
  1. Application deadlines and award dates are as follows.  However, if you have an idea for a project outside of these timeframes (such as during summer school), please contact us to discuss possible alternatives.
Due Date Award Date
October 2nd October 16th
December 1st December 15th
February 1st February 15th
April 1st April 15th

For questions about the IECU Education Grant, please contact (217) 528-2642 x108 or by email at

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