Educators can download FREE financial literacy lesson plans from Visa’s Practical Money Skills.  The lesson plans are designed for students of all ages, from preschool to college, along with materials for students with special needs.  From the basics about spending and saving all the way up to loans and protecting your credit, there’s something for students at every level! Through their diverse range of resources, the goal of Practical Money Skills is to empower educators, enable learning, and provide people of all ages with the tools necessary for financial success.

practical money skills

From Practical Money Skills:  “The curriculum offered by Practical Money Skills provides educators with financial literacy lesson plans designed to give students life-long money management skills. This comprehensive collection of lessons covers topics on everything from setting goals, budgeting and purchase planning, to protecting credit and identity, to savings, investing and financial planning. Lesson plans are designed to engage students with real-world connections in scenarios students will find relevant to their own lives. Learning activities encourage inquiry and augment understanding through problem solving, research, discussion and collaborative activities.”



Check out these fun and helpful apps from Practical Money Skills.

Tooth Fairy Calculator

Tooth Fairy Calculator – Use this handy app to see how much money other parents leave when the Tooth Fairy comes to visit.  You can also send your child a special message from the Tooth Fairy and get fun photo filters in the “Tooth Booth.”  Available for iOS.


Practical Money Skills Calculators app - Visa

Practical Money Skills Calculators – Use this app to access a whole suite of calculators that will help you plan and manage your finances.  Available for iOS.



Plan'it Prom app - Visa

Plan’it Prom – Teens (and their parents!) will love using this app to budget for prom-related expenses.  It includes budgeting tools, a planning timeline, photo gallery, and helpful tips for saving money on prom.  Available for iOS and Android.

Financial Football app - Visa

Financial Football – Test your money management skills with this fun, fast-paced game.  With three levels of play, it’s great for users of all ages.  Available for iOS.

Peter Pig's Money Counter app - Visa

Peter Pig’s Money Counter – A fun and educational game that allows young children to help Peter Pig count and sort coins.  Available for Android.


Need some help in calculating a car payment, figuring out a budget, or saving for a future goal?  Try one of these helpful calculators from Practical Money Skills.

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